Spotlight: Black River, Jamaica

Said to be settled by the British in the 1600’s, Black River is synonymous with the laid back, small town feel and gorgeous Georgian architecture. it was settled by some of the first Jews to inhabit the island , the most famous of these settling families are the Levy’s.


Black River was known as the first area on the island to receive electricity and phone services.


Waterloo Guest House (1819), said to be the first house with electricity.


Anglican Parish Church


Many of the first settlers were wealthy merchants who spent their fortunes on lavish buildings and private homes.

Invercauld Great House

The town was an active slave-trading port and dealt heavily in Logwood production.



Black river was once one of the most important ports for Jamaica. I suggest to take a tour of the community and learn more about its important past, and get a chance to see up close the beautiful architecture!



Sources :
Real Jamaican Vacations (background on Black River) (Waterloo Guest House photo)
Blue Marlin Guest House (Church photo)
Jones House (Invercauld Great House )
Globespots (Great House photo)

Author: JoJo Mre

A girl who loves to travel but is deathly afraid of flying

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