Spotlight: The Bridgetown Garrison, Barbados

A well-preserved town in the capital of Bridgetown it was one of the largest of the british colonies during the 18th and 19th centruries.It was an important trading hub for slaves and goods for the English  and is protected by a fort with solider barracks and a parade ground.

Clock tower at the Main Guard

The settlement has many Caribbean Georgian style buildings and the town is planned in an old english layout.

Bridgetown was a perfect site for power projection into the America’s for the British empire and helped to expand and protect its trading interests.

The barracks




The Garrison was head of the British Naval and Army Forces and was a hub for transmitting knowledge trade, communications, science, culture and technology in the British Empire.


Though the building are still being used for the original purposes for which they were built, many of them are falling into decay.

St. Mary’s Church



These buildings are a testament to one of the earliest town settlements in the Caribbean and British engineering, keeping the original serpentine medieval layout 400 years later.




Information and images courtesy of UNESCO

Author: JoJo Mre

A girl who loves to travel but is deathly afraid of flying

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