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Anguilla, British West Indies



Image courtesy of Island 360

Butler’s House and Cottage Part II

Continuing on from the previous post, where I featured Butler’s House, its time for the cottage.

The cottage is mor simplistic than the house and only has one main bedroom and living room. BH_The+Cottage-14

The cottage can accommodate 2 adults and two children (under the age of 16). the bedroom leads into the living room and veranda. The living room functions as the second bedroom.BH_The+Cottage-1

living room and bedroom


It is an open plan with a simple kitchen BH_The+Cottage-7

All I see is a cozy place to watch the ocean views



On a sidenote, did I mention that there are monkeys??


Writing about this place just makes me want to go check out the house but mostly this cottage!


You can explore the two ruins on the property (a kitchen and what appears to be rooms), who knows, maybe you can discover a new artifact!


Both the house and cottage are appealing but im sure you will be happy with either option.

check out their site for reservations


images courtesy of Butler’s House site